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Injection Moulding

We manufacture in-house, using quality injection moulding machines, specifically designed for use with the high quality engineering grade materials that we have developed over many years of research. Our injection moulding tooling costs are one of the lowest in the industry. We are able to achieve this by continual investment in common bolsters, so that when new products are ready for tooling we only need to tool the cavity, core and ejector plates. Not only does this reduce tooling costs but it quickens production lead times considerably. 
Our high tech CNC plant continues to enable us to reduce lead times and improve accuracy to 5µm.


Rapid Prototyping is key to the design and development of products. Utilising our modern 3D scanning machines and 3D CAD software, we are able to supply rapid prototype products in many different materials. Dependent upon what needs to be achieved, we can produce near equivalents to the actual injection moulded parts, ranging from an aesthetically pleasing appearance, to fully functional prototypes. These prototypes are thoroughly tested prior to final tool manufacture, ensuring a fast quality product design, ready for full production.


GBRacing® uses an engineering grade, 60% long glass fibre nylon 6.6 throughout all its bolt-on Secondary Engine Covers (Patent #GB2479405 for Improved Material Composition). This nylon is stronger, more flexible, oil and fire resistant and most of all extremely impact resistant, making this material an invaluable part of our product range. The long fibres absorb more energy before and after fracture initiates. Fracture crack lines are forced around the fibre ends, resulting in a limited fracture area. Injection moulded products offer additional built in strength and flexibility compared to conventional machined plastics. Not only are the Long Glass Nylon 6.6 compounds used for exceptional impact resistance but are tailored to satisfy the need for light but durable die-cast metal replacement materials and are of our own specifications and patents. They offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to carbon fibre products and are far stronger than our rivals.


GBRacing® is continually developing and improving our crash protection products from team and customer feedback ensuring the safest and most effective engine protection on the market.