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GBRacing’s Dan Kneen update

  Date: Tuesday 23 August, 2011
Hi Everyone,  

Well its been a hectic few weeks to say the least what with having 2 meetings on the bounce, Brands Hatch was first which was a bit of a different meeting as some of the practice was held on the smaller Indy circuit due to noise regulations.  

Free Practice 1. I used this as just to get up to speed really as there is not much you can learn with it being the smaller circuit that won't be used for race day. 29th. 10th evo  

Qualifying. After getting onto the full circuit and getting some good track time, we made some small changes and ended up in 28th. 8th evo  

Race.1  These were mixed conditions as it had rained before the start and there were people on wets and slicks, as I went to the grid i was on slicks and the track was wet on most corners so i thought i'd change on the grid but we were out of time so i had to start on what i had. At the start i was skating around and was hoping it would dry up sooner than later, the trouble was that some parts were dry and others wet so it was hard work but i got up to speed quickly and ended up in 13th. 4th evo  

Race.2 Conditions were slightly better for this one i got a good start but just couldn't hold the pace of the main evo pack, i had a battle with Aaron Zonotti, i led right up till the last lap when he passed me into Druids i knew were i could have a go at him so i got the run out of the second to last corner just as i was making my move his bike cut out and i hit the back of him, there were legs going everywhere as i tried to stay on so he just piped me. It turned out that he was running out of fuel so its just one of those things. 23rd. 9th evo  

Ulster GP Report  

Well after last years UGP success this year was a bit of a nightmare - the weather wasn't the best and Practice wasn't the best as the weather just came in bad before every session, the bikes were so dirty you'd swear they'd done a moto-x. Things didn't seem to be brightening up either and by the time race day came around our awning was like a swimming pool (not fun). 

So i had qualified bad in most classes really not that it mattered because i was in the 2nd wave for most and got a clear road so that was one good thing.  

  For both 600 races i finished 10th which i was not happy with, for some reason i was getting passed on the straights a lot so the bike didn't seem to be going as well usual because of this i struggled and got held up not able to get a clear lap. 

  The superstock race was wet on the out lap so i chose to stay on my wets for the race but it dried so fast that on the first lap it was pretty dry so i was leading the second wave on the first lap but struggling to get grip in the dry the tires were getting to hot and the bike was sideways so i pulled in before the tyres delaminated.   

Both superbike races were good fun although i only finished 10th-11th i was hoping for some more practice to try different ride heights and bits to improve the bike but i should of known its ireland and the sun only shines once in a blue moon. So i was a bit gutted really as i was going better than the year before but it wasn't to be so roll on next year.