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All genuine GBRacing secondary engine covers are designed and manufactured in the UK and have been developed over many years of racing at the highest level in conjunction with some of the world's best teams. As a result, both the design and the patented material have evolved to provide world class motorcycle protection, with the priority being oil containment to minimise the chances of injury to a following rider crashing on spilled lubricant.

The GBRacing trademark is registered in a number of countries worldwide, including but not limited to the UK, US and Europe. All our designs are registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This means any sale of a counterfeit product in these registered territories is unlawful.

By buying counterfeit goods

  • you will not receive the same quality engine protection as genuine GBRacing, consequently jeopardising the protection of you and your bike.
  • you support criminals, that seek to profit from other people’s hard work.
  • you support the production of goods which may be made under inhumane conditions and inadequate health and safety standards.

  • you increase your tax rate because the counterfeiters do not pay taxes like lawful companies, so the government will ultimately need to collect more taxes from you.

    As a company, we are doing all we can to cut down on the illegal trade of counterfeit GBRacing goods – but we need your help.

    If a deal is too good to be true, you are probably facing a counterfeit product. We also have a guide on how to tell the difference, available here.

    If you suspect a counterfeit product, please email us the link and we will investigate, and along with our partners, work to remove the listing.

    Please email suspected counterfeits to:

    For any further information on counterfeit products and how to tell the difference, please email us again at

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