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Yes, we ship to most destinations Worldwide.

This varies from country to country so please check your own country's import tax information.
You also have the option to purchase GBRacing products from a dealer within your own country. Please check our Dealership page to find your nearest dealer.

Please contact our customer services on 020 8275 2630 or email to obtain a returns authorisation number before sending the product(s) back. Please reference your original order number on all communications:

- Secure the product(s) and all of the original packing materials in a plainly wrapped cardboard box (the post office has these available if you do not)
- Clearly print your name and address on the outside of the package and mail the package to:
Unit 1 Marquis Business Centre
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For our full returns policy, please refer to our Terms & Conditions section 10.

For your protection, we advise you to insure the package for the full amount of the invoice plus postal or shipping charges. For the avoidance of doubt GBRacing shall not be responsible for items lost or damaged whilst in transit.

Delivery Terms:
- Our courier service will not leave goods, under any circumstances, without a signature.
- We do not deliver to PO Box numbers unless in the Middle East. (PO Box numbers are used like 'post codes' in the Middle East)
- Please note: UPS only deliver on weekdays.
- All orders are despatched within 2 working days.
- Our courier working day delivery times (subject to normal operation):
Standard UK: next day before 5pm, Europe: 3-5 days
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European Customers:
- Please consider your DOMESTIC SALES IMPORT TAXES.
- UPS may also charge a small, variable brokerage fee.

Yes, you can have different shipping addresses on your customer account.

All of our engine covers are designed to have a gap between the OE engine case and the GBRacing secondary engine cover allowing the natural flow of air to circulate around the engine, not causing overheating or running at a higher than usual temperature.

GBRacing engine covers are tested in extreme environments and temperatures across the world by World SBK Teams, Moto2 in the GP paddock, EWC (Endurance World Championship) as well as national championships worldwide including BSB.

The STOCK refers to the stock casings, as you would see on your bike in the showroom. The KIT refers to factory casings, normally the alternator cover, where race teams would purchase factory alternators that produce minimal charging of the battery, to reduce inertia and therefore increase performance. Therefore, the KIT alternator cover is designed for a kit alternator casing which has replaced the standard casing.

The STREET refers to the street bullet sliders. These street bullet sliders protrude past your fairings. They protrude approximately 20mm more than an equivalent race bullet slider, providing a balanced design of protection to your fairings. As with all sliders on the market, the further they protrude the greater the chance of gripping against more solid objects whilst sliding. Our aluminium tube design that holds the bullet moulding in place, is tubular. This tubular design acts as a sacrificial aluminium section, that will bend should the slider hit a solid object and have very little chance of ripping your engine mount threads out, as can occur from other designs on the market when the product is too rigid and strong.

The RACE refers to the race developed bullet sliders. These sliders are designed to fit flush to, or under, your motorcycle fairing. They are designed more to protect your radiator, frame and other vulnerable areas, helping the bike to remain on it's side whilst sliding. The race versions have very little chance of causing the bike to flip and causing any more damage than necessary, as can occur from other designs on the market when the product is too rigid and strong.

New for 2024, GBRacing introduces the Street XL bullet frame slider, utilising the newly developed CMP-6 bullet. Refined for street riders and street bikes, the CPM-6 sits further from the fairing and, with its bold design, offers enhanced protection for the street.
If you are riding on a circuit, we would strongly recommend our RACE bullet sliders, to minimise any chance of flipping the bike. But if you are looking for a little more protection on slower bike drops, and style in the bike park, then the Street XL is the product for you.

Please click here to see the video.

Every new product or bike range is posted in the news section and on our social media.

No. The V4R has a Hub Plate under the O/E clutch cover which causes the GBRacing cover to touch the fairing.

No, as the V4S has a wet clutch and the O/E case holds the oil in the engine and the V4R cover is for a dry clutch.

Yes it will fit and the V4S will fit the V4R, unless the V4R is fitted with a race spec Radiator and has the Aluminium radiator hose fitted above the Alternator.

We haven’t made covers for the Ducati Diavel as we believe that if the bike goes over, the engine cases are highly unlikely to touch the road due to the fittings around them.

You need to know the make, model and MANUFACTURED year of your motorcycle.

Only a few products require fairing modification, as this is an issue we always try to avoid. If a fairing does require modification, this will be noted within the product description.

Yes. Fitting Instructions are available within the product page on the website. You will also receive a fitting instruction sheet when you order one of our products.

GBRacing specifically designs, manufacturers and tests each product with the user in mind. They are a very easy to fit bolt-on product and come complete with all the necessary hardware. All products are made in our factories in the UK. We are honoured to be homologated by the FIM on all our engine covers and brake lever guards. Our high impact nylon and long glass fibered materials are the strongest composite products on the market to date and as such our approval by the FIM has continued since 2010. They do prevent oil spills in the vast majority of crash scenarios.

No. GBRacing designs its products to bolt-on to the existing engine covers, leaving no unsightly residues behind, and most do not damage the fairings.

In some rare circumstances, the fitting of our cover will cause some very slight damage to the original cover. This is caused by dirt that can accumulate behind our cover combined with constant high vibration. To ensure the product works efficiently in the event of an accident, a 1mm approximate gap is designed into the product, between our cover and the original casing. 

It is clearly not practical to remove the GBRacing cover every time you use the bike, to clean behind our cover, but our covers are designed to protect your engine. There is no product on the market that can 100% guarantee no damage to the original engine casing through dirt build-up and vibration.

The alternative is the potential damage caused to the original cover by not fitting our covers and in some circumstances internal damage caused to the engine itself.

Our covers are the only product on the market that are FIM approved, something we are very proud of and testament to the way they work in an accident plus they provide the added safety aspect to other riders of preventing engine fluids escaping onto the tarmac.

GBRacing® has secured a second patent for Reverse Wear Indicators Indicators - Patent #GB2532535. This design feature enables scrutineering to gauge when the cover requires replacing to maintain the highest level of safety. This new feature is present on all secondary engine covers released from 2017 onwards plus many earlier models.

Every crash is different, so its impossible to be 100% free of risk. However, GBRacing crash mushrooms are designed to bend themselves under severe impact, reducing the strain on the frame and risk of digging in as much as possible.

All our products have Torque figures, as recommended by the bike manufacturers. These are shown on our fitting instructions which come with your product.

If you put an object in the cap head bolt ie. a pen / small dowl with tippex or grease on the end, then refit your fairing, pushing the panel against the make shift marker. Remove the panel and there should be a mark on the inside showing where your hole should be cut.

Please complete the form here to apply for a trade account.

We use the word RACE on our part descriptions when a secondary engine cover may touch the STOCK fairing but does not on a RACE fairing as a RACE fairing can be modified.

Yes, all bolts required for fitment of GBRacing products are included.

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