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GBracing CB650R/CBR650R 2021-2022

To ensure every Honda CB650R and CBR650R owner can enjoy world class motorcycle protection, GBRacing has just released a revised version of its alternator protection for the above models to coincide with the latest updates by Honda.

Small changes were made to the charging system on the 2021> models by Honda that necessitated a redesign of the alternator cover and, in turn, a completely new mould tool to produce a secondary cover to the high standards guaranteed by GBRacing.

After intensive tool trialling and product testing, this new part is available both separately and as part of a full set — pricing as below.

Dealers and customers should note that this new product is completely different from the one used for the 2014-2020 models, does not supersede it, and therefore cannot be retro-fitted.

Available to buy HERE.

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