EC-ZXR400-2018-SET-GBR Ninja-400-2018-Alternator-cover Ninja-400-2018-Alternator-cover-2 Ninja-400-2018-Clutch Ninja-400-2018-Water-pump-cover-1 Ninja-400-2018-Water-pump-cover Ninja 400 Secondary Engine Cover Set 2018-2023 - GBRacing

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Ninja 400 Secondary Engine Cover Set 2018-2023


$268.78 ex VAT // $268.78 inc VAT

Stock Code: EC-ZXR400-2018-SET-GBR

Barcode: 5053033014020

Status: IN STOCK

Secondary Engine Cover: Set - STOCK
  • Revolutionary new tough, high-impact composite material made from 60% Long Glass Fibered Nylon
  • Bolt on product allowing fast and easy removal and/or replacement
  • Designed with aesthetics in mind and priced to be competitive with the existing products on the market
 Secondary Engine Cover: Alternator/Generator (EC-ZXR400-2018-1-GBR); Secondary Engine Cover: Clutch/Gearbox (EC-ZXR400-2018-2-GBR); Secondary Engine Cover: Water Pump (EC-ZXR400-2018-5-GBR)
  • PATENT # GB2479405 Improved Composition. PATENT # GB2532535 Reverse Wear Indicators

    EUIPO Registered Design No.: 004699684-0001 (EC-ZXR400-2018-1-GBR); 
004699684-0002 (EC-ZXR400-2018-2-GBR ); 
004699684-0003 (EC-ZXR400-2018-5-GBR )

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